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  • The Object of HeatNailed Magazine

  • You Always Call on a SundayThe Sun 

  • Left as it Was, It Would Come ApartVoiceCatcher and included in She Holds the Face of the World, the VoiceCatcher 10th anniversary anthology.

  • BeforeThe RamblerDownload PDF


Other Work

  • Podcast — Jackie joins Yuvi Zalkow, co-hosting seasons 2 and 3 of Neurotic Tornado: A Podcast About Relationships.

  • Video — Jackie tells her #MeToo story, Knives, of having been raped almost 40 years ago, and the unfolding impact for herself and those around her. She hopes her story will help survivors and those who love them understand that the need to talk about sexual assault is powerful and necessary.


Nevertheless, We Persist: A Storytelling Event (directed by Sharon Knorr)