About Jackie

Jackie Shannon Hollis and her husband, Bill.    See other photos.

Jackie Shannon Hollis and her husband, Bill. See other photos.

Jackie Shannon Hollis is an author, storyteller and speaker. Her forthcoming memoir, This Particular Happiness: A Childless Love Story will be released October 1, 2019 (Forest Avenue Press). Her writing, has been described as honest and intimate, exploring complex human issues in prose that is both direct and lyrical. Her work has appeared in various literary magazines, including The Sun, Rosebud, Inkwell, High Desert Journal, VoiceCatcher, Nailed, and Slice Literary.

Jackie grew up with four siblings on a ranch on the east side of Oregon, where the views were filled with wheat fields and horses, cows and combines. Now she lives with her husband in Portland, on the west side of the state, where the view holds cedar trees, raised-bed gardens, and the mail truck coming down the street.

Jackie’s early jobs included taking orders at the windows of the Shoe String drive-in. She saved money for college by driving potato and wheat truck and went to the University of Oregon, and later Portland State University where she received a master’s degree in social work. She spent many years working as a counselor in chemical dependency treatment, and also worked in human resources.

Always curious about the ways we humans relate, Jackie and her husband, Bill, lead workshops on communication, conflict management, and building successful relationships. Jackie cohosted two seasons of Yuvi Zalkow’s Neurotic Tornado: A Podcast about Relationships and the Beautiful Messiness of Being Together. Jackie also brings together her love of shaping words and connecting with others in workshops, hosted by the Multnomah County library, for people experiencing houselessness and other hardships.

Jackie’s memoir, This Particular Happiness, explores the complicated relationship with the self through the lens of childlessness and the unfolding relationships between husband and wife, mother and daughter, friends, and sisters. Woven through the story, Jackie also tracks the long-term impact of being the survivor of sexual assault. As a childless woman surrounded by children (with over forty nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews), Jackie believes we all have an important role in supporting the children in our lives.

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