• CarolineLeavittville — In this interview, best-selling author Caroline Leavitt asks Jackie about the inspiration to write this book and the ongoing ways women bump up against the expectations of society.

  • Christi Craig’s Author Interviews — In this Q&A, Christi and Jackie talk about craft, the origin of Jackie’s memoir, and the power of writing community.

  • KBOO with Ken JonesIn this episode of Between the Covers, Elizabeth Scott, author of “This Never Happened,” interviews Jackie about identity, relationships, family, trauma, and how the place we grow up shapes us.

  • Thrive Podcast — Jackie and her husband Bill have a lively and intimate conversations about the importance of vulnerability and curiosity, with Thrive Inc. podcast hosts Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell (also available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  • Juncture Interview — In issue 4o of Juncture, Beth Kephart and Jackie talk about structure, plot, pacing and how important the word “maybe” is in memoir and in life.

  • Author-to-Author InterviewThe Refresh Jackie pairs up with author Courtenay Hameister to talk about writing memoir, and telling our stories when things don’t go as planned. And humor (Courtenay is funny…go read her book).

  • Behind the Chair — Emmanuel Santana interviews Jackie as part of his podcast series featuring creative clients who come to his salon. Listen here as Jackie and Emmanuel cover many topics including self image, sexuality, sexual assault, writing, connection, and (of course) hair styles.

  • Author InterviewSuperstition Review Editor Britney Gulbrandsen interviews Jackie about crafting short stories and personal essays.

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