Intentional Ducati Reading

Check out this great list of readers I get to read with on January 4th! First Wednesdays, a series of readings, performances and wine-tasting are held at the Blackbird Wine Shop, 4323 NE Fremont, 7-9pm. This show is 21 and over.

The readers for January 4th  is a night of Intentional Ducati with Jackie Shannon Hollis, Steve Denniston, Bruce Barrow, Mary Milstead, Julianna Waters, Scott Sparling, Jean Hart, Yuvi Zalkow, Sherri Hoffman, Joanna Rose & Stevan Allred. Jean Johnson guest emcees.

More than a writing game, less than a novel, Intentional Ducati is an exploration of group mind!

Come and have a listen to a bunch of very short but cool stories.

Jackie Shannon Hollis