Write Now: Writers Spotlight

Oh, dear, summer has been flying by and I've been busy busy -- a final clean-up on At the Wheat Line, while I work on query letters. I'm telling you, that is a challenge, capturing the key elements of the story in a compelling few paragraphs, compelling enough to entice an agent into reading the whole manuscript. Well...I'm working on it. Plus, I've been tweaking some short stories and sending a few out to lit magazines, and I've been taking many many notes for the memoir (I'm really excited about it). And then, there is summer and all the things that summer brings, the garden, visitors, a bit of travel, and that elusive Oregon sunshine. In the meantime, here's something that was fun: Paula Kay McLaughlin contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in being interviewed for the Writer Spotlight on her blog Write Now.  Paula interviews writers who are in the process of querying agents. Of course I would! Paula asked some great questions, most particularly a question about deciding which market I was targeting for At the Wheat Line.  She also wanted to know what my most and least favorite words are. If you'd like to find out and read the rest of the interview, you can find it here.

Jackie Shannon Hollis