Until Next Time

We're home. I'm always happy to come home. But, damn! it was a good trip. Loved it. Besides all that beautiful scenery and those crazy storms, here are a few things will stick with me. It was raining like crazy when we went from Capitol Reef (Torrey) to Arches (Moab). This street sign was out in the middle of nowhere letting us know where NOT to go. 

This truck has been stuck for a looonnng time.

Pick your gloves at the Youth Garden Project CSA in Moab

On our morning walk along the creek in Moab, we met Sandy. He seemed to like the leash and it got his elderly folks out. They were all charming. We wonder if our cat Fred might go for this.

I loved this sandwich SO much that I ordered it for lunch three times. It's the Bahn Mi (Vietnamese pork with veggies) from the Love Muffin cafe in Moab. Everything they served was good -- excellent breakfast burritos and good vegetarian options. And while I'm at it, we ate several times at Buck's Grill House, also in Moab. Bill moaned endlessly over the elk stew. If you go there, eat in the lounge -- it's lovely.

We took way fewer pictures of US and more of the scenery. Must be a side effect of time marching on. I don't look quite as good all shiny with sunscreen, hiding behind sunglasses and a big hat. You notice I'm not putting THAT picture on here.

For now...goodbye desert southwest. I'll be back!

Jackie Shannon Hollis