Capitol Reef - One of My Favorite Places

After a summer of neglecting my Musings and News, I'm back. Writing from Capitol Reef in Southern Utah seems like a fine place to start. It is just so DANG beautiful here. The skies, the colors of the rocks and dirt, the way the land just juts up in these great formations and you really see the turbulent ways of the earth. We arrived here yesterday. Flew in to Salt Lake and rented a car. Bill and I had our obligatory (one per vacation) big argument in the car on the way down. Something to do with the map (him driving, me reading. of course). I had the urge to wad it up and throw it at him. But he was driving, so I just folded it neatly and went quiet. He pulled over and I drove and he read the map. 

Then we saw this guy.

Now it's not like I've never a bull before. I mean, you know where I come from. But this lovely fellow, it's like he was selected to actually MATCH the landscape. He's a beauty. And he knows it.

Okay, enough with the livestock. Here's one of the things we saw today on our hike. It's Cassidy Arch, rumoured to be where ol' Butch and the Hole In the Wall Gang hid out at some point.

Wait a minute, that's ME standing on the arch OVER Cassidy Arch.

Here's the actual arch. 

We hiked up a quick 1500 feet or so to get to it. And then we went on and walked, oh, a good six mile hike.  It's so pretty here, I don't even notice how tired my legs are.

Jackie Shannon Hollis