Floats and Fireworks and the Fourth of July

When I was a kid, the 4th of July was my favorite holiday.  It still is, but only if I'm in Condon.  Condon's "Fabulous 4th" has everything a girl could want in a holiday -- a parade, a buckaroo breakfast, fireworks, kids games (especially the money scramble), a street dance, a go cart race, a farmers' market, they even have a tricycle race.  I got to be in the parade a few times. This picture is one of those times.  I'm the first girl sitting (looking at the camera, of course) and my sister is the blonde one on the end. 

We decided not to go home for the 4th this weekend and already I'm feeling the missing. 

Here's a story I wrote, inspired by the 4th of July in Condon:   See the People on the Other Side ~ Originally published in Inkwell. Download PDF.

Jackie Shannon Hollis