You'd think I'd be able to get alot of writing done at home. It's a nice place, I have my own little area to write, I don't have a day job, no kids to tend to. But I find it a challenge, there are so many things that tap me on the shoulder, saying, "didn't you want to plant me, dust me, wash me, consume me, call me, find me, meet me?" I do manage to shake off that tap pretty often and get plenty of writing done. But sometimes it's good to get away. So that's what I'm doing on Friday. Stepping away from the reach of the tap for a whole week, and going to Lincoln, a quiet remote place 20 mile up in the mountains east of Ashland. Here's a picture of "The Bunkhouse" where there are five private apartments. I was there for a week last summer and I'm thrilled to be going back again with four other wonderful writers. My plan is to dig in to a major revision of my novel. And I've got IDEAS!!!

We'll talk when I get back.

Jackie Shannon Hollis