Just when I thought I had a reason to pout

Maybe it's corny, but I pull out an angel card now and then. Do you remember those? Each card has a word, like "forgiveness" or "compassion". The idea is to reach in and randomly pull out a card. Whatever the word is, you can focus on it for the day, in whatever way makes sense. I was feeling a bit down this morning and I pulled out this card. "Right," I thought, "inspiration. Pffft. Who needs it? I'm feeling sorry for myself and it's gonna take more than a silly word to shift me out of it." Then I set the card on this little rowing bunny where I always set my angel card for the day. In the bathroom. By the toilet.

I went off to lunch to meet an old friend. We hadn't seen each other for quite a few years. Long enough that I didn't know the challenges he's had to face over those years. Challenges he's still dealing with. Head on, courageously, honestly. Being with him made me feel better, not in a "Oh gosh things are worse for you than me," kind of way. But in a "Jackie, get your head out of your ass," kind of way. And just because of the kind of person he is, easy to be with. And kind. I like kindness. I like inspiration. I like angel cards.

Jackie Shannon Hollis