"You Always Call on a Sunday"

The March issue of The Sun, with my essay, "You Always Call on a Sunday" is out in mailboxes and stores. I'm really tickled (and, I confess, proud) about this publication. This essay is an expansion of the first piece I had published, at MARY, a small online literary journal. I always wished it had a wider publication and so awhile back, I sent it off to The Sun. Then I heard back from one of their wonderful manuscript readers, Paula Jolin. One thing led to another and they accepted it. All along the way, they've been kind and thoughtful in how they've handled this essay, which deals with me having been raped when I was a college student. The issue will be out soon. You can look here for a bookstore near you that carries The Sun. Or you can purchase a copy online (March issue #411). Better yet, purchase a yearly subscription. I have one and every month the essays, fiction, and poems are worth it. I hope readers think mine is too.

Jackie Shannon Hollis