Damn Good Pictures

My niece Shannon got married last summer. Before the wedding, she told me about the photographer she'd hired, Jamie Bosworth. She gave me Jamie's website address. I went in and had a look. Her work drew me in and I kept looking through wedding pictures of people I didn't know. I kind of wanted to be the people in those pictures.  I wanted to go to the places where the weddings took place. I wanted to be able to take pictures like that. What's more, Jamie has a blog where she posts pictures that aren't weddings. And she writes. She writes really well. Shannon's wedding pictures came and despite the fact there were HARDLY ANY PICTURES OF ME, they were pretty damn wonderful. Shannon and Randy got married in Condon. Jamie took pictures of the bride and groom in a stubble field, she took pictures of them next to grain elevators. I love these pictures, in part because they have my niece and new nephew in them and they look happy, but also because of the beauty of the place. Jamie took shots of places around Condon. She saw what people from there love about that place, why we're proud to be from there.

A week or so ago, I placed an order for some of Shannon's wedding pictures. Jamie had a question about  my order, so she called me. It was a fine conversation. We went from the particulars of her questions about my order, to me telling her about how much I like her work, and her blog. She told me a little about herself, but you can find out more if you here.  You won't be disappointed.

Jackie Shannon Hollis