Crazy Heart

I often hesitate to speak too big about a movie I've just seen and loved. I try to stick to the "under promise, over deliver" concept. Then, if a person takes me up on my recommendation, they'll get more than expected. So, usually, I'll just say, "I really liked this movie. I think you will too." But it's hard not to jump up and down, wave my arms about, shout loud, and push you out the door to see Crazy Heart.  I LOVED THIS MOVIE.

Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake, a down and out country singer, his alcoholism pushing him to lower and lower venues. In the opening scene, he's got a gig in a bowling alley (not that there's anything wrong with a bowling alley, but when I go to a bowling alley, it's The story goes from there and it is lovely. It made me smile (the music is just wonderful) and it made me cry, actually I cried a bit while I was in the movie and alot after the movie, while Bill and I were talking about it. That is a rarity.

Jeff Bridges is something to see. He's just so darned real. I loved him, even while he (his character) was making choices that took things from bad to worse.  And, I think, this is what got me about this movie.  The deep compassion I felt for this guy, someone I really liked, but the alcohol had him and it was very, very messy.  I imagine most of us have known someone like that, loved someone liked that. A truly good person who drank or did drugs or kept stepping into things that hurt them, and you. And because of the quality of person they were, despite that addiction, you loved them anyway. Jeff Bridges pulls this off so beautifully, it broke my heart.  Both because of the story and because of who Jeff Bridges seems to be as a human being (I know -- I've only met him through his roles...but, still).

I don't want to say much in the way of specifics, because I like the surprises in the movie, all I can say is, this movie will take you for a ride. The ride will pay off.

Colin Farrell is in it, looking cute and a little shifty.  He sings. So does Jeff Bridges. They sing well.  Maggie Gyllenhaal has a great role. She's always interesting to watch, compassionate and slinky sexy. And Robert Duvall, need I say more than just his name? Plus you'll recognize alot of other excellent character actors you've seen here and there.

So let me say, "I really liked this movie. I think you will too."

Jackie Shannon Hollis