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A Simplified Map of the Real World

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

1265660_206424739538412_1218559071_oHere’s something to celebrate:  Stevan Allred and his short story collection, A Simplified Map of the Real World, being published by Forest Avenue Press.

I celebrate this book for so many reasons, most being that it is a spectacular collection of linked stories filled with love and heartbreak, the dark side of being human, the light that can fill simple moments, and the many ways we try to find connection. And it’s about a small town. Of course I celebrate that. Plus in these stories there is not a wasted word or a poorly placed sentence. Stevan knows how to WRITE.

He also knows how to teach and that’s how I first met him and Joanna Rose, the Pinewood Table teachers. I studied with them for three years and not only did I grow as a writer, my community of writers grew as well. This is another reason I celebrate, that community, created at that table and extended beyond it, the generosity of each writer for the other to grow and learn and become better at what we do, and to be endlessly excited for each other when our work comes out in print. When it comes to Stevan Allred, we  already know what a powerhouse  writer he is, now we want the whole world to know.

C’mon out and hear Stevan read, come early and watch your book being made at the Espresso Book Machine. The celebration begins with the launch of A Simplified Map of the Real World at Powell’s Books,  7:30 pm Thursday, September 12th. If you can’t make it to the reading, you can buy the book at the usual places.

Brave on the Stage

Monday, November 19th, 2012

That’s what Kate Gray said before she read her beautiful essay at the Brave on the Page event last Saturday. Gosh it was fun. I love giving a reading of my work, but this one was a little scarier than usual. I read the opening chapter of my memoir in progress. Usually, for a reading, I pick a short story, something with a bit of humor. This time I read something true. And I was getting a cold so my voice was hoarse. But it turned out well and I liked how it sounded in front of all those people, my hoarse voice held out (thank you Backspace for having such a fine sound system – that microphone). And I felt very honored to be reading with the likes of Scott Sparling, Stevan Allred, Liz Scott. And the amazing Kate Gray.

A Reading!

Friday, November 9th, 2012

I’m pleased to be in the reading line-up with Scott Sparling, Kate Gray, Stevan Allred, and Liz Scott on Saturday the 17th, with four other writers who have essays or are interviewed in Brave on the Page. C’mon out and hear some stories.

You can find the details here.

A brilliant novel in the works

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Here’s my friend, Yuvi Zalkow. This was taken a few years ago when a group of us writers went to the beach for a weekend. We each settled into our favorite place in the house and wrote for long chunks of time. Then we came back together and read a paragraph or two out loud, then we went back to writing.

This is the spot Yuvi chose, on the chaise, by the window, looking out on the ocean. But Yuvi wasn’t looking at the ocean most of time. He was working. He may have been working on his novel, a brilliant novel in the works, at the exact moment this picture was taken. Whatever he was doing, I know he was writing something good. Because, from my perspective, that’s pretty much all he writes.

When we were there at the beach, the five of us talked about what it would be like when one of us had our first book published. Well, now we know. Yuvi is the first of us and the rest of us can’t quit smiling. Well, there are  a whole bunch of people who know Yuvi and have admired his writing for a long time. They’re all smiling.

One of the other cool things about Yuvi is that he has a great voice, not just in his writing, but when he speaks. So I’m going to go hear him read on Thursday night, the 16th at Powell’s. And get my copy of his novel, which I’ve been waiting to buy until just this very moment. Come on out to Powell’s this Thursday!




Intentional Ducati Reading

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Check out this great list of readers I get to read with on January 4th!

First Wednesdays, a series of readings, performances and wine-tasting are held at the Blackbird Wine Shop, 4323 NE Fremont, 7-9pm. This show is 21 and over.

The readers for January 4th  is a night of Intentional Ducati with Jackie Shannon Hollis, Steve Denniston, Bruce Barrow, Mary Milstead, Julianna Waters, Scott Sparling, Jean Hart, Yuvi Zalkow, Sherri Hoffman, Joanna Rose & Stevan Allred. Jean Johnson guest emcees.

More than a writing game, less than a novel, Intentional Ducati is an exploration of group mind!

Come and have a listen to a bunch of very short but cool stories.