About Jackie

_MG_9183_smallJackie Shannon Hollis’s writing has been described as natural and graceful, with an unassuming approach to character. She studied writing with Pinewood Table. Her fiction and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals, including: The Sun, The Rambler, Rosebud, South Dakota Review, Inkwell, Flashquake, High Desert Journal, and Slice Magazine. Her work has been recognized for several awards. She has completed a novel, At the Wheat Line, and her memoir, Kidless, is near completion.

Jackie was born in Condon, Oregon, a small farming town on the east side of the state. She grew up on the ranch her great-grandfather homesteaded, surrounded by wheat fields, four siblings, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, plenty of cats, various fowl, and even a fawn for a short while. Jackie draws inspiration from this place and from her parents: her father, who knew how to take his time to tell a story; and her mother, who knows the importance of art and creativity in a life.

For a few summers, Jackie earned college money, running an alfalfa swather and driving wheat and potato trucks. Then she headed to Eugene where she got her undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon. She worked for a number of years as a counselor in drug treatment programs and eventually got her Master’s degree in social work. Later, she worked as a human resources manager. These experiences gave Jackie opportunities to see the many ways people live, work, love, struggle, and survive, and this fuels her writing.

Jackie feels lucky to live in Portland, Oregon, a city with a strong writing and arts community as well as lots of great places to eat. She lives with her husband Bill in what one friend calls the Tree House, for all the cedars that grow out back. When she’s not writing or reading, Jackie and Bill occasionally work together teaching communication skills to emergency service workers. Jackie enjoys a life rich in friends and family, traveling, and finding more places in her garden to plant vegetables and berries.