About Jackie

_MG_9183_smallJackie Shannon Hollis’s writing has been described as natural and graceful, with an unassuming approach to character. She studied writing with The Pinewood Table. Her fiction and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals, including: The Sun, Rosebud, and Slice Magazine. She has completed a memoir, This Particular Happiness, and a novel, At The Wheat Line.

Jackie was raised on the Oregon ranch that her great-grandfather homesteaded,  surrounded  by wheat fields, four siblings, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, plenty of cats, various fowl, and even a fawn for a short while. Jackie has a Master’s in social work, has worked as a counselor in drug treatment programs, and as a human resources manager. She co-hosts the Neurotic Tornado podcast with Yuvi Zalkow. Jackie lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon in what one friend calls the Tree House, for all the cedars that grow out back.