About Jackie

Jackie Shannon Hollis was raised on an Oregon ranch surrounded by wheat fields, four siblings, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, plenty of cats, various fowl, and even a fawn for a short while.  In addition to thinking she would become a mother someday, she also dreamed of becoming a race car driver or a June Taylor dancer.

Despite not doing those things she found interesting and fulfilling work. She has a master’s degree in social work and worked for a number of years in chemical dependency treatment. Now she and her husband Bill provide trainings on communication and team building, and workshops for couples on how to have successful and fulfilling relationships. Jackie also facilitate workshops through the Multnomah County Library for people experiencing houselessness.

Jackie’s memoir, THIS PARTICULAR HAPPINESS: A CHILDLESS LOVE STORY, is forthcoming from Forest Avenue Press (October 1, 2019). Her writing has appeared in a variety of literary magazines including The Sun, Slice Magazine, Rosebud, South Dakota Review, VoiceCatcher, & High Desert Journal. 

Jackie lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon in what her friends call the Tree House, for all the cedars that grow out back.