Brave on the Stage

That’s what Kate Gray said before she read her beautiful essay at the Brave on the Page event last Saturday. Gosh it was fun. I love giving a reading of my work, but this one was a little scarier than usual. I read the opening chapter of my memoir in progress. Usually, for a reading, I pick a short story, something with a bit of humor. This time I read something true. And I was getting a cold so my voice was hoarse. But it turned out well and I liked how it sounded in front of all those people, my hoarse voice held out (thank you Backspace for having such a fine sound system – that microphone). And I felt very honored to be reading with the likes of Scott Sparling, Stevan Allred, Liz Scott. And the amazing Kate Gray.

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  1. Jackie, you were truly brave on stage! Your piece was amazing, and it was so great to hear it out loud in that space. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.

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