Other Stories and Essays


Her Own Special Touch ~ Published in Slice Magazine

Chicks ~ Originally published in  South Dakota Review. Read it here.

What I Did on Summer Vacation ~ Published at Flashquake. Nominated for a Pushcart Award.

See the People on the Other Side ~ Originally published in Inkwell.

Spare Room ~ Visit Rosebud to purchase issue 36 with this story

Like the Light in a Church ~ Visit Rosebud to purchase issue 36 with this story

On Their Best Behavior ~ Obsidian award finalist. Originally published in High Desert Journal. Download PDF

The Words That Would Fix This Thing ~ Originally published in Fog City Review. Download PDF

Swim ~ Originally published at Gambara. Download PDF

Sharper ~  Originally published at Fiction Attic. Read it here at The Intentional Ducati

The World of  Beer ~ Originally published at the Whidbey Writers’ Workshop. Students’ Choice Award.

Where the Spotted Dog Used to Sit ~ Read this story at The Intentional Ducati

The Pink on Her Toenails ~ Published in The Night, and the Rain, and the River (an anthology from Forest Avenue Press)


In the Fold of Blankets ~ Published at  Oregon Literary Review

How the Story Goes ~ Published at Oregon Literary Review

Before ~ Published in The Rambler. Download PDF

Knives ~ Visit Rosebud to purchase issue 44 with this story

You Always Call on a Sunday  ~ Visit The Sun to purchase the March, 2010 issue (#411).

Left as it Was, It Would Come Apart ~ Read this story at VoiceCatcher