At The Wheat Line


In the 1970’s, on American farms, especially on wheat farms in Oregon, much of the harvesting work was done by teenagers:  boys driving combine, girls driving truck. Kids and big machines mixed with steep terrain and the heat and dust of harvest…well, anything can happen.

In AT THE WHEAT LINE,  eighteen-year-old Carly Lang drives one of those trucks, part of Joe Johns’ custom harvesting crew that moves from farm-to-farm cutting wheat and bringing it to storage. In the time between last harvest and now, Carly’s mom has died. People in the town of Springs are still whispering about the car accident that was her mother’s fault and took another woman’s life. Carly’s dad and brother have gone silent about what happened. And, now that summer has started, Carly’s friends are tired of her sadness. Carly plans to spend the summer making enough money to get out of Springs and go to college and not repeat her mother’s life. But this summer isn’t like last summer and when a new boy from the city joins the harvest crew, things in the tinder-dry fields are ready to ignite.